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Estate living is a sought after way of life, whether in the peaceful countryside or in the bustling city. Within each estate is a central governing body that oversees its interests. Various aspects of the estate are managed by the governing body (HOA) such as:

  •        Infrastructure

  •        Security Matters

  •        Social activities and events calendar

  •        Maintaining the overall look of the estate

Estates in Africa identified the need for communication between these governing bodies and the individuals who reside on the estate. It was with this communication need in mind that Estates in Africa began publishing magazines for South Africa's top residential - and golf estates, on behalf of the relevant governing bodies, residents and club members. What you can expect from these magazines:

A general way of communicating issues regarding the estate such as security matters, water irrigation, rules and regulations for Homeowners, etc.

  •        Important telephone numbers

  •        Social Calendar

  •        Future development and planning on the estate

  •        Pre-approved advertisements from carefully selected institutions and service providers that are classified as up-market.

  •        Advertisements - Goods and Services guide

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