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Estates in Africa is a contract publishing company that specialises in compiling and producing magazines for various secure residential estates in Gauteng.


Each magazine is specific to the estate where it is distributed and includes articles about events and developments in the estate, news from the homeowners association and updates on security issues.


Additionally, there is a lifestyle section that features articles of interest for the residents, such as parenting tips, finance and business topics, health and well-being, motoring, education and the like.


With the POPI Act [Protection of Private Information Act] now fully in force, it is exceptionally difficult to reach residents of the secure communities, which is why service providers and marketers find these magazines a highly beneficial method through which to promote their companies.


Advertisers typically include estate agents, top vehicle brands, schools and tertiary institutions, tech companies, medical health practitioners, shopping centres and more.


The magazines are distributed digitally to all the residents of the estate, and in some instances, printed copies are also made available to the residents on request by the relevant estate, where there is a preference for hard copy versions.

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